LOCAL FARMER 





My name is June Casazza and my husbands name is Mike Allen.   We moved to Kentucky in 2006 from Vermont.   We have been growing vegetables and flowers for the past 15 years.  Space  and the short growing season in Vermont was starting to become an issue.     In 2001 we attended a family reunion in Estill County, KY and realized that  Kentucky  was the place we wanted to be.  It has always been our dream to own some land and it was possible for us here .

The Farm

We own approximately 10 acres in Henry County, KY.  At the moment we are utilizing approximately 2 acres for vegetables and flowers.    We also have several fruit trees. Alazza's is a member of the   LaGrange Farmers Market and Artisans,  and a member of Kentucky Proud. 

Our Methods

We do not use  pesticides unless they are OMRI, and quite frankly, they are so expensive, we try not to use them at all.  Althought we are not currently "certified" organic - our methods are similar.    We use row covers to control pests,  companion planting,   insecticidal soaps,  organic compost and our own form of drip irrigation.  Cover crops are planted in order to enrich the soil naturally. 

We also sell farm fresh eggs. $4.50 per dozen - which can be purchased at the LaGrange Farmers Market - special requests are welcome.





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