Same delicious Spice Mixes

New jars and labels

NEW FOR 2020


A traditional jamaican jerk seasoning with an Alazzas

flare to it.  

The Rubs and spices  are as follows:

Mike's Meat Seasoning (for any type of meat - my personal favorite is Pork)

*Garlic Basil Spice ( an all around spice for soups, stews,

pasta's and just about anything you can think of) 

*Tomato Basil Spice (my favorite - perfect for garlic bread or to add to

pasta with olive oil (no sauce needed)

  or make your own pasta sauce using only one spice - not 20) 

(limited availability)

Mike's Blackening Rub  - great on fish and chicken and vegetables

( especially asparagus) 

 * Mediterranean - I believe it to be the most

versatile  and  bursting with flavor - great on anything.  

South African Braai for steak and chops.  A wonderful blend of 

spices used for South African traditional bar-b-ques. 

Lava Salt:  The name says it all.

 Bar B Que rubbing spice, wonderful on pork, beef, ribs, chicken

full barbeque flavor. 


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